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Stella & Dot - My Top Ten Favs!

sarah huston

Hi Everyone.  Thanks for visiting.  In today's blog post I am going to be highlighting my fav pieces from Stella and Dot.

Stella & Dot is a San Francisco based social selling company that sells jewelery, accesories and now even clothing.  Its been around for over 10 years but it wasn't until recently that I really checked it out.

That's because one of my best friends Jackie became a style consultant a few weeks ago. Here is her daughter Delaney announcing the launch of her mama's businesss.  Isn't she the cutest?! 

Ok, so since I love to support a fellow girl boss, I immediately went to the website to check it out.  And honestly,  I couldn't believe how many cute pieces there were. Pieces that I wanted and wanted all my friends to have.   I quickly offered to help her launch her business by hosting a "virtual trunk show"  .

Yesterday,  I spent some time and took a deep dive into the S&D site to pick out my TOP TEN pieces. There will be a link to my virtual trunk show site at the end of this post.  When you have a second, just click on the link and shop til you drop!


This gorgeous piece comes in both gold and silver and is 5 necklaces in one!  I love a chunky chain necklace and this one does not disappoint! It would look so could paired with a little black dress OR with a crisp white shirt and jeans.  Or have your little girl rock it with a top knot, like Delaney up there!



Such a cute basic piece!  I love leather wrap bracelets and this one is classic and goes with everything.  It would also be adorable layered with other pieces. Definititly going to be an everyday piece for me!


Similar to the one above but with a little bit of edge and rock and roll.  Chose black or white, or both! yes please!


This is a two in one earring.  Wear on a night out as a chandelier OR to a day at the office as a classic stud. Both have a cool vintage art deco feel.  They also have a ton of other chandelier earrings to check them out when you're shopping!


How gorgous is this cuff?  Plus Stella & Dot will donate all net proceeds of this bracelet to Every Mother Counts. which is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. For more info, visit    

(Oh and can we discuss the Pyramid Watch in the pic below too?  looks like something Jackie O may have worn! So Fetch!)

TAJ CLUTCH - $79.00

Its obviously hard for me to promote NON handmade woven goods but holy moly this little clutch is just too cute!!!  This purse is everything and mixes so well with their other jewelery pieces.  A definite must have for me!!


I am 100% a sucker for a locket. It feels so old fashioned and timeless.  You can get this in either gold or silver, engrave your initials on it and put a picture or two inside!  So classic!

They also have a variety of gorgous engravable pieces (see pic below) that will be amazing for mothers day or for a gift or two for your self.  I just want to wear all of them together!!  Check them all out when shopping on my site!


I am obsessed with ear climbers and ear cuffs right now.  They just make me feel a bit edgy and cool when I am not feeling myself so much :) I also like these because they look kind of like feathers.  Which i also love :)

They also have these cute PAVE CLIMBERS in both gold, silver and onyx for the same price!

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.36.43 PM.jpg


Four necklaces all in one style, what a bargain. This piece mixes Mother of Pearl discs with neutral beads and metal chains to form the base of this statement necklace. A genuine leather lariat perfectly nests between a stylish choker and the base strands. Wear each strand separately or mix and match to fit your look.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.33.31 PM.jpg


Ummm how badass is this clutch?  Made of luxurious, supple black leather with custom hardware and convenient versatility to be worn four ways. Wear with strap attached and bag folded to display beautiful hardware details or with a minimal exterior. Next expand and attach strap at top of bag for added room and lastly, remove strap for an evening clutch!  Done and done!

Ok so that is it. Thanks so much for reading!  I'll be hosting this virtual trunk show for the next three weeks!  There is a way to ask Jackie questions on the site OR if you have any style questions you can also ask me via this post or email me at


click here to start shopping

Here is the link and happy shopping!


My favorite "fancy" fibers

sarah huston

Here is the reality, when you are creating and selling handmade goods that require MANY man hours, its important for makers to find a way to mitigate some of their material costs or we basically end up working for less than minimum wage :)  One way I do this in weaving, without compromising the quality of my product, is by using a combination of gorgeous, natural and often times more expensive fibers mixed with more affordable yet still gorgeous fibers.  My last post was all about my favorite affordable yarns, so this post will focus on the other end of the spectrum - really amazing yarns that will make your weaving really stand out and they'll make your heart swoon!

Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed
$18.75 for 200 yrds

Brooklyn Tweed is a US grown, milled and dyed yarn which means I pretty much love everything they make.  I also love me some heathered variation in my yarn and these guys do not disappoint.  My favorite weight of their yarn is the Quarry.  This yarn has this sturdy grip to it, so it actually feels like its hugging your warp threads - how cute!  Its weight and structure work really well for loop stitch and basic tabby.  And their colors are so amazing and rich.  Colors featured below: Slate, Moonstone, Obsidian, Hematite, and Citrine.  Hello!!

Puffin by Quince & Co
$10.75 for 112 yards

Quince and Co also has an amazing line of yarns.  Their Puffin series is a plump, chunky, single-ply yarn spun from sturdy American wool fleece resulting in a yummy felted texture - perfect for weaving!  These guys have perfected yarn that is both soft and strong.  I love using Puffin for creating great texture with structured loops and soumac braiding. YUMMY.  Colors featured below:  Storm, Petal, Honey, Sabine, Carries Yellow, Iceland and Marsh.  I'll take two of each please!

Alafoss by Lopi
$9.50 for 109 yards

The bulky version of this Icelandic wool by  Lopi is a 2-ply, Z Twist yarn known for its durability and warmth.   A number of their color ways have speckles and heathering which I love for adding interest and texture to my weavings.  When woven, this yarn creates a beautiful flat weave reminiscent of a navajo rug.   Colors featured below: Midnight Blue, Chartreuse Heather, Light Indigo,  Bordeaux Heather and Light Grey Tweed.  So so good!

Magnum by Cascade
$24 for 123 yards

This is the ulimate super bulky yarn that is perfect if you want to whip up a quick weaving, want to create a cool shag affect with some rya knots or just love the look of a super thick yarn in basic tabby weave.  They have a number of rich colors to chose from and it is oh so soft!  Colors featured below are: Ruby Heather, Galaxy Mulberry Flurry.  Jewel tones for the win!

Naturalia by Borgo de'Pazzi  
$20 for 121 yards

I am so in love with this soft and fluffy organic yarn with its pencil roving plied with a thin wool strand.  Delicious!   And you just gotta love that the colors are all natural and undyed!  Just as God intended.  Baaaaa. This yarn works amazing in a basic tabby weave or in a big yummy loopy fringe.  Yes please!  Colors featured below are Ecru and Cloudy Day.

Arranmore by The Fiber Co.
$28 for 175 yards

This super soft yarn is is a yummy blend of merino, silk, and cashmere. Its tweedy color palette is apparently inspired by the breathtaking coasts of Ireland - so lets just all pretend we are there right now!  In fact, this yarn is produced in a mill that traces its roots to the homespun tweed industry of 19th century County Donegal.  So cool!  This yarn is a bit more pricey but you won't be disappointed - its worth every cent.  Colors featured below:  Ruari, Glenveagh Castle (my favorite), St. Claire.  Swooon worthy!

Lambs Pride Bulky by Brown Sheep
$9.50 for 125 yards

I know, I know,  I included this yarn in my last post about affordable yarns, but I just love it so much I am including it again in this list.  Because Lambs Pride yarn is the bomb.  Its affordable but high quality.  It has a million colors to chose from and it is a US wool milled in Nebraska! Yee haw! So yea, it deserves to be on both lists!  I use this yarn for everything from basic weaving, loop stitch, soumac and even fringe.  You can't afford to NOT get this yarn.   Colors featured below:  White Frost, Deep Charcoal, Pine Shadows, Aran, Oatmeal, Charcoal Heather, Prairie Fire, Sandy Heather (my fav).  So so puuurty!

IMG_1835 (1).jpg

Ok so there you have it.  These are my go to yarns when I want to create a luxurious, awesome, gorgeous, soft, strong, delicious weaving.  And the truth is, they are slightly more expensive than the yarns listed in my last post, but they are certainly not the most expensive yarns ever, so they won't break the bank.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other yarns that you love that I should check out. I'd love to expand my list!

And follow me along on Instagram to watch my fibre journey and keep up on all my future blog posts!

Thanks for visiting!


Fabulous Yarn for Weaving at a Fraction of the Price

sarah huston

Ok, so I have a confession.  I am obsessed with yarn.  Half my studio is full of it and every time I start a new piece for a client,  I SWEAR I won't buy anything new. But then I go in to teach at Fancy Tiger Crafts, I start wandering around and get INSPIRED.  Next thing you know, they are winding three new skeins for me and I am back at square one - way more yarn than I need.  That said, I have found a way to mitigate some of my overhead costs which is necessary when you sell handmade goods that require so many hours to create.  

Since I started weaving, I began searching for affordable, stylish and good quality yarns to compliment the more expensive/local/natural fibers I really love.  So, I compiled a list  of great yarns to learn on that can lower the overall cost of your weavings.   

You can find most of these at your local craft stores like Joanns, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Even better, they are often on sale and you can usually find an additional 20% off coupon!  I seriously never buy anything from these stores without a coupon. 

There are also many sites that carry a huge selection of yarns like Love Knitting and Craftsy.  They sell in bulk so often have competitive pricing.  

So without further delay.  Here is my list:

Patons Classic Wool Roving
This yarn is made of 100% Wool. It typically runs around $6.00 for 120 yards.  It comes in so many colors.  My favorites are Aran (off white), Natural and Grey.  I use this in almost all of my weavings.  Its great with basic tabby weave,  loop weave and even rya fringe.  If you cut it short it creates a great fluffy shag weave too!


Buttercream Mohair Metallic
This yarn in the Cream Gold is so incredible.  I don't love that it isn't 100% natural, made of an acrylic/mohair blend, but its so whimsical - I try to ignore it.  I use this in a lot of my pieces I make for nurseries and little girls rooms.   I use it in loop weave and my fringe combined with the above roving yarn. This yarn runs around $10 for 188 yards.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 6.45.02 PM.jpg

Lions Brand Gold Leaf
This yarn has a really cool gold leaf effect.  It's sometimes hard to find in-store but you can always find it online.  It comes in a number of colors but my absolute favorites are the white or the black. This acrylic/wool blend runs around $7 for 49 yards.  

Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Thick and Quick

If you're like me and you enjoy some heathering in your fiber, this is a great yarn.  I love any weight level of this yarn in Oatmeal or Wheat to add some interest to my neutrals!  These cost a range of $5.00 for 197 yards (Original), $8 for 153 yards (Thick) and $9.00 for 100 yards (Thick and Quick) and can be found almost anywhere (Joanns, Walmart, Micahaels. etc).

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.20.44 PM.jpg

Cascade 220 Peruvian Wool
Cascade yarns make beautiful yarns and most of them are pretty affordable.   My favorite for weaving is the Peruvian Wool heathered.  It's available in most yarn stores and online at Craftsy and Love knitting.  You can find this for around $8.00 for 220 yards!  My favorite heathered colors are Aspen, Walnut, Yakima but they are alllll beautiful.



Lambs Pride Bulky
Ok last but not least is this amazing and totally affordable wool/mohair blend by Lambs Pride.  Its milled in Nebraksa and has the most beautiful colors.  And at just $9.50 for 125 yards its a high quality yarn that won't break the bank.  You cannot buy this yarn at crafts stores like Joann's or Michaels. but most yarn stores will carry it and you can get it online pretty much anywhere if you search for it. My favorite color is Sandy Heather.  

Ok so that is it.  My favorite and affordable yarns for weaving.  Remember you can really weave with ANYTHING so have fun with it. Send me a note ( or comment below if you have any questions!








Preserve Drive Redux

sarah huston

It has been one year since we moved into our new home in Colorado.  Funny enough, our relator did not like this house. In fact, she didn't even want to bring us to see it.  But it was in our dream neighborhood, walking distance to the best elementary school.  The minute Sam and I walked in, we knew it was our home.  I loved the open concept great room/kitchen/foyer space, the mountain views and and spacious back yard.  But mostly there was something about it that reminded me of my childhood home.  I instantly felt like I was home and knew it should be ours!    

However the house needed some work.  It was stuck in the 90s and I really wanted to modernize it.  I had dreamed of remodeling a home and the ideas just came flooding in!  In a nutshell we gutted the kitchen and master bath, took down walls in the basement, refinished and added hardwood floors, painted the entire interior, resurfaced and painted the outside stucco, updated all the lighting, updated all other baths with some minor tweaks (new mirrors, lightning, flooring, faucets and hardware, etc).  

It was a huge undertaking but with determination and quick decision making, it was completed in under three months!  Here's a look at the main floor transformation!


Like most of the first floor, here we refinished the hardware floors and painted all the walls and trim white.  We painted the banisters dark brown and painted the stair risers white. We updated all the sconces.  Sadly I don't have any pictures but there was a stained glass window that you saw right when you walked in.  It was a bright blue and yellow columbine.  It was pretty but I hated it.  I had it removed designed a new simple and classic stained glass piece that works much better in that space! 

Paint:  Pure White Sherwin Williams (entire house)
Floors:  50/50 Ebony and Jacobean stain (entire house)
Banister:  Espresso Bean Benjamin Moore
Sconces:  Hinkley Congress


The kitchen was the biggest overhaul in this house.  Kitchen remodels can be hard - it took my mom years to just start the process in her home.   They can bring the most value to your house so there is a lot of pressure  AND there are so many choices and so many directions you can go.... you can get paralyzed in the decision process.  

Lucky for me,  I knew exactly what I wanted and that vision never waivered.  I wanted  a classic black and white bistro look - complete with subway tile, white cabinets and a black island.  We began by removing the two islandsreplacing  with one large central island that is now the hub of our home.  We eliminated the L shaped soffit on the ceiling and replaced it with two large matte black statement pendants.  We replaced all the appliances, countertops, and lighting. We salvaged the perimeter cabinets by sanding them, painting them and adding new hardware.  One of my favorite pieces in this kitchen is the matte black faucet that pops against the white countertops on the island.  I just love working at this sink, looking across our Great Room out the windows at the sunset over the Rocky Mountains.    

Range: Wolfe
Refrigerator: Subzero
Double oven and Dishwasher:  KitchenAid Pro
Black Lights:  Ikea Hektar
Perimeter Counterops:  Honed Black Pearl Granite
Island Countertops:  Caeserstone Frosty Carrina
White Subway Tile:  Daltile
Grout:  Pewter
Facuet:  Moen Waterhill



One of the main requirements I had when we started shopping for a new home is that the family room was open concept with the kitchen,  have high ceilings and lots a natural light.  I also dreamed of having a great view. Boy oh boy did this room deliver on all those!  The great room is open to the kitchen area which is great for entertaining.  Plus it has floor to ceiling windows that look out to the Rocky Mountains.  The bones of this room were amazing and most of the work was just cosmetic.   We tore out all the carpet and added new hardwoods. We painted the walls and sanded and refinished all the trim and cabinets white - adding new hardware to the doors to modernize the look.  We also updated the fireplace insert.  

The biggest debate of this remodel was the ceiling in this room.  I loved the mountain feel of the beams but struggled with feeling like it wasn't cohesive with the look of rest of the remodel. We talked about staining the wood to match the floors, white washing them, adding tin tiles, painted the shiplap white and staining the beams, modernizing the beams by squaring them off and sheet rocking the whole thing.  In the end, we just kept it as is.   We get complements on it all the time.... so I guess we made the right choice!


All that we did in this space was paint the walls and trim white, refinished the floors and updated the lighting.  

Light:  Crate and Barrel


This room was also amazing and only needed small cosmetics changes.  We added hardwoods here (it was carpet!), painted the walls and window trim white and added a new light fixture.   We also updated the butlers pantry that leads from the kitchen to the dining room with all the same details as the kitchen.

Chandelier:  Restoration Hardware
Feather prints:  Sundance


There you have it!  I hope you enjoyed some details from our dream home!   Next up I'll show you updates we made in the master bath and bedroom!


A Loom to Learn On

sarah huston

When I first started weaving back in 2014 there were not a ton of loom options available.   I purchased my first loom on Etsy from MaryAnne Moodie for about $145.  It came with a small selection of yarns and a small pair of adorable scissors.  It was a pretty small loom  and was easy to assemble (no drilling required).   Luckily for me,  at that price point, I fell in love with weaving immediately.  

Over the years, the number of loom makers has grown and the options are plenty. As my skills and scale increased, I purchased looms created by Meghan Shimek (with a rotating heddle), Lost Pond Looms, and another loom from MaryAnne Moodie.   And a few months ago, I even purchased a barnwood frame and hammered 200 nails in it to create a 3 foot wide loom for even larger projects!  

So, when I started to explore loom options for my weaving classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts, I was excited to see what was on the market for beginning weavers today.  We looked at a lot of looms and considered size, price and wholesale opportunities.  Ultimately we decided on this precious little number by Black Sheep Goods.

While I worked on my demo for my class,  I thought a lot about how this loom would work for a beginning weaver and how it compared to the loom I learned on years ago.  Here are my thoughts:

Price:  This beginners loom is only $28!!! That is the less then what I have paid for a skein of some of my favorite yarns!  This means you can try out weaving at a vary low cost of entry.  Who doesn't like that!? And for $28 you don't just get the loom but also included are a number of weaving tools: a tapestry needle, 2 shuttles, pick up stick and comb.

Craftsmanship:  The loom and tools come in one piece and you have to pop each piece out.  I don't think I realized that the kit is somewhat fragile and I did experience some splintering on my loom.  I think if I had been a bit more careful, I definitely could have avoided this,.  They do include a small piece of sand paper so they recognize this can be an issue.  The attention to detail and design aspect of the loom is wonderful. The loom is small (around 8x10) and sleek which is great for new weavers and weaving on the go. Crafted of birch, it is also very light weight which is also great if you're traveling!  The only issue I had is that the weight of the loom gives very little resistance when you're trying to warp the loom AND when you're pulling the weft.  This was something I noticed in comparison to all my other larger and heavier looms but was able to quickly adjust my weaving style to compensate for this difference.  If this is your first time using a loom this would likely be a non-issue.  

Tools:   Ok, as you can see in the pictures, the loom and tools all have the most adorable designs on the them and I just loved looking at them as I was weaving. I am a sucker for cute illustrations and these designs pulled on my heart strings. Not a must have but definitely a nice to have!!  But to be honest,  I didn't find the tools that useful with this kit.  The loom is so small, I don't think the shuttles are really necessary BUT I could see myself using them with bigger looms.   I also didn't use the needle or the comb, because I don't like the feel of the wood against my yarn.  I prefer a metal needle and comb/fork.   This is just be a personal preference and I'd love to hear what your thoughts are if you purchase this loom!

Maker  Lastly this loom is made by the most adorable woman Ashely.  Check out her bio here and her super cool video!  I love that she cares about the earth demonstrated by the fact that the birch for the loom is made of sustainable birch and most of her beautiful woven goods are made of vintage, dead stocked or reclaimed yarns and materials.  Rad huh?

Final Thoughts  Overall I think the Black Sheep Goods Pop Out Loom is a wonderful beginners loom AND a great option for weaving teachers to use in a class for first time weavers.  The small scale will allow your students to finish a project within the class time AND the low price helps keep costs down for your students.  Plus its just so darn cute!  


If you want to stay up to date on my blog, follow me on Instagram where you'll get blog updates!  Thanks for reading!

xo, Sarah

Jersey be Good is really really good!

sarah huston

As some of you know,  I have been chosen to be a Teaching Tiger at the mecca of all craft stores in Colorado - Fancy Tiger Crafts in downtown Denver!  Woo hoo!  I will be teaching both weaving and macrame starting this summer, and I couldn't be more excited!!! 

Fancy Tiger recently became a stockist for Wool and the Gang's, Jersey be Good T-Shirt Yarn, so they wanted to give the yarn a test run; using it in our Macrame Class.   Unfortunately, I had only done macrame with typical mediums like hemp and cotton rope, so I was a little hesitant.  Jaime from Fancy Tiger walked me over to their Jersey be Good selection and I was immediately drawn to their Golden Compass color, so I quickly grabbed a skein of that to take home.

And as a review side note can I just say that my choice in color was clearly a foreshadowing of Beyonce's stunning Roberto Cavalli dress in her just released Lemonade Visual album.  Who knew I would be channeling Queen Bee when picking out this yarn?  

My guess is that this mustard yellow color is going to be Pantone's next big thing.... If you want to shop the Golden Compass skein color. go to Fancy Tiger Crafts website here.  Go now, cause I think its one of the only places you can find it.

Ok, back to my review.... So, I went home and immediately started my class demo project and the minute I touched this jersey yarn I WAS IN LOVE!  Here are my thoughts and tips if you're using Jersey Be Good for a Macrame Project.

SILKY SMOOTH This yarn is extremely delicious to both the touch and the eye.  It is like your favorite t-shirt made into yarn, so what's not to like??  My only thoughts as they apply to a macrame project is that the yarn is obviously a little more slippery then rope.  The upside is that if you make a mistake and have to undo some knots, this yarn is very forgiving and easy to undo. The challenge can be keeping the knots super snug if you want a tight knotted look.  Just remember to pull your knots taut to maintain the look you want.  Either way the result is a beautiful flat and silky smooth finish that is soothing, relaxing and cool!  Gorgeous right?

A MODERN TWIST:  As you know, Macrame became very popular in the 70s.  With the recent revival of all things Boho, Macrame has come back into style.  THANK GOODNESS!  Many artists have reintroduced this art and have really embraced the bohemian vibe.  Some of my favorites are:

But when you use Jersey be Good for your macrame project, the result is a more modern look that is very different then everything else out there.  In a highly saturated weaving and macramé marketplace, being different is a really really good thing.

Jersey Be Good (left)  Cotton Rope (middle)  Hemp Rope (right)


COOL AND CLEAN:  In a perfect world,  I would only use vintage yarns for my projects, but that is obviously not always possible due to costs and availability. But guess what?!  Using this yarn is a wonderful alternative!  Jersey Be Good is actually made from recycled factory cutt-offs, which keeps the fashion industry waste out of landfills. This makes me feel really really good!  So its a win-win.  Beautiful yarn that is good for the environment!  Yay!

Just remember, if you see a color you like, act quick, because it may not always be available!

So thank you Fancy Tiger Crafts for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and introducing me to this amazing product.  And thank you Wool and the Gang for for thinking outside the box and making something amazing out of someone else's waste!  Bravo!  

I will definitely be using this yarn again and again!

xo Sarah


sarah huston

Hi there and welcome to my website and blog!  I am so glad you're here.  

For my first blog post (yay!) I will take a minute to introduce myself and let you know what I hope to include in my blog.

I started weaving a few years ago, after I was unexpectedly laid off when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child (crazy right!?).  I had lived my whole professional life working in a somewhat stressful corporate job at an advertising agency.  Being laid off was very hard on my ego.  And after my son was born, we decided I would stay home - and that was REALLY hard on my self identity.   I was 37 years old and I had no idea what I was doing with my life.  I didn't know how to "stay at home" with my kids, and honestly, I didn't know if I even wanted to.  This identity crisis coupled with newborn mama hormones and complete exhaustion resulted in a severe case of postpartum depression and anxiety.

I was so overwhelmed with anxiety and depression I found it hard to complete the most simple tasks like putting my sweet daughter to bed or getting myself dressed.  I had little desire to hold my son and just wanted to be alone.  And worst of all, I was always paralyzed with fear.  Lucky for me, I had an amazing support system and an acute awareness of what was wrong with me - so I sought help quickly.

During my "rehabilitation" I decided to buy a small loom and take a stab at weaving. Weaving came very naturally to me and it quickly became a source of therapy, escape and meditation.  I loved the over and under of a simple basic tabby weave and I got lost in it.  

From there I took a class from the incomparable Maryanne Moodie and was blown away by her talent and aura.  In my free time, I perused yarn stores, bought a number of new looms,  held local trunk shows to showcase my work and was even featured in a store down the street from my home.  My business started to grow and the support was overwhelming.  

I soon realized that I was becoming an artist.  I had to trust in my vision and the skills I was learning along the way.  I could do this and it was time to let go of what had happened to me in the past and blossom into the person I was becoming- a happy and healthy mother of two, who stayed at home with her children.  I could be there to drop them off and pick them up from school.  I could listen to them and be attentive to their needs,  And in my free time - I could create beautiful art that I was proud of.  My identity was shifting and I was becoming the best version of myself I could be. 

Family 1.jpeg

Almost four years later, I have created a wonderful home and I am so grateful for my family and friends.   I still struggle with anxiety at times, but the process of my art always helps me.  I never forgot what I went through because without that experience I would not be where I am today.  My business continues to grow and I am fortunate enough to keep this journey going with a steady stream of commissioned work.  

Thank you to all of you who have supported me along the way.  And to those who are here learning about me for the first time - its nice to meet you.  I am extremely grateful for you all.

My plan is for this  blog to include product reviews, weaving and macrame video tutorials and maybe a little insight into my other passion - home decor.  

Thanks so much for visiting!

xo, Sarah