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Jersey be Good is really really good!


Jersey be Good is really really good!

sarah huston

As some of you know,  I have been chosen to be a Teaching Tiger at the mecca of all craft stores in Colorado - Fancy Tiger Crafts in downtown Denver!  Woo hoo!  I will be teaching both weaving and macrame starting this summer, and I couldn't be more excited!!! 

Fancy Tiger recently became a stockist for Wool and the Gang's, Jersey be Good T-Shirt Yarn, so they wanted to give the yarn a test run; using it in our Macrame Class.   Unfortunately, I had only done macrame with typical mediums like hemp and cotton rope, so I was a little hesitant.  Jaime from Fancy Tiger walked me over to their Jersey be Good selection and I was immediately drawn to their Golden Compass color, so I quickly grabbed a skein of that to take home.

And as a review side note can I just say that my choice in color was clearly a foreshadowing of Beyonce's stunning Roberto Cavalli dress in her just released Lemonade Visual album.  Who knew I would be channeling Queen Bee when picking out this yarn?  

My guess is that this mustard yellow color is going to be Pantone's next big thing.... If you want to shop the Golden Compass skein color. go to Fancy Tiger Crafts website here.  Go now, cause I think its one of the only places you can find it.

Ok, back to my review.... So, I went home and immediately started my class demo project and the minute I touched this jersey yarn I WAS IN LOVE!  Here are my thoughts and tips if you're using Jersey Be Good for a Macrame Project.

SILKY SMOOTH This yarn is extremely delicious to both the touch and the eye.  It is like your favorite t-shirt made into yarn, so what's not to like??  My only thoughts as they apply to a macrame project is that the yarn is obviously a little more slippery then rope.  The upside is that if you make a mistake and have to undo some knots, this yarn is very forgiving and easy to undo. The challenge can be keeping the knots super snug if you want a tight knotted look.  Just remember to pull your knots taut to maintain the look you want.  Either way the result is a beautiful flat and silky smooth finish that is soothing, relaxing and cool!  Gorgeous right?

A MODERN TWIST:  As you know, Macrame became very popular in the 70s.  With the recent revival of all things Boho, Macrame has come back into style.  THANK GOODNESS!  Many artists have reintroduced this art and have really embraced the bohemian vibe.  Some of my favorites are:

But when you use Jersey be Good for your macrame project, the result is a more modern look that is very different then everything else out there.  In a highly saturated weaving and macramé marketplace, being different is a really really good thing.

Jersey Be Good (left)  Cotton Rope (middle)  Hemp Rope (right)


COOL AND CLEAN:  In a perfect world,  I would only use vintage yarns for my projects, but that is obviously not always possible due to costs and availability. But guess what?!  Using this yarn is a wonderful alternative!  Jersey Be Good is actually made from recycled factory cutt-offs, which keeps the fashion industry waste out of landfills. This makes me feel really really good!  So its a win-win.  Beautiful yarn that is good for the environment!  Yay!

Just remember, if you see a color you like, act quick, because it may not always be available!

So thank you Fancy Tiger Crafts for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and introducing me to this amazing product.  And thank you Wool and the Gang for for thinking outside the box and making something amazing out of someone else's waste!  Bravo!  

I will definitely be using this yarn again and again!

xo Sarah