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My favorite "fancy" fibers

sarah huston

Here is the reality, when you are creating and selling handmade goods that require MANY man hours, its important for makers to find a way to mitigate some of their material costs or we basically end up working for less than minimum wage :)  One way I do this in weaving, without compromising the quality of my product, is by using a combination of gorgeous, natural and often times more expensive fibers mixed with more affordable yet still gorgeous fibers.  My last post was all about my favorite affordable yarns, so this post will focus on the other end of the spectrum - really amazing yarns that will make your weaving really stand out and they'll make your heart swoon!

Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed
$18.75 for 200 yrds

Brooklyn Tweed is a US grown, milled and dyed yarn which means I pretty much love everything they make.  I also love me some heathered variation in my yarn and these guys do not disappoint.  My favorite weight of their yarn is the Quarry.  This yarn has this sturdy grip to it, so it actually feels like its hugging your warp threads - how cute!  Its weight and structure work really well for loop stitch and basic tabby.  And their colors are so amazing and rich.  Colors featured below: Slate, Moonstone, Obsidian, Hematite, and Citrine.  Hello!!

Puffin by Quince & Co
$10.75 for 112 yards

Quince and Co also has an amazing line of yarns.  Their Puffin series is a plump, chunky, single-ply yarn spun from sturdy American wool fleece resulting in a yummy felted texture - perfect for weaving!  These guys have perfected yarn that is both soft and strong.  I love using Puffin for creating great texture with structured loops and soumac braiding. YUMMY.  Colors featured below:  Storm, Petal, Honey, Sabine, Carries Yellow, Iceland and Marsh.  I'll take two of each please!

Alafoss by Lopi
$9.50 for 109 yards

The bulky version of this Icelandic wool by  Lopi is a 2-ply, Z Twist yarn known for its durability and warmth.   A number of their color ways have speckles and heathering which I love for adding interest and texture to my weavings.  When woven, this yarn creates a beautiful flat weave reminiscent of a navajo rug.   Colors featured below: Midnight Blue, Chartreuse Heather, Light Indigo,  Bordeaux Heather and Light Grey Tweed.  So so good!

Magnum by Cascade
$24 for 123 yards

This is the ulimate super bulky yarn that is perfect if you want to whip up a quick weaving, want to create a cool shag affect with some rya knots or just love the look of a super thick yarn in basic tabby weave.  They have a number of rich colors to chose from and it is oh so soft!  Colors featured below are: Ruby Heather, Galaxy Mulberry Flurry.  Jewel tones for the win!

Naturalia by Borgo de'Pazzi  
$20 for 121 yards

I am so in love with this soft and fluffy organic yarn with its pencil roving plied with a thin wool strand.  Delicious!   And you just gotta love that the colors are all natural and undyed!  Just as God intended.  Baaaaa. This yarn works amazing in a basic tabby weave or in a big yummy loopy fringe.  Yes please!  Colors featured below are Ecru and Cloudy Day.

Arranmore by The Fiber Co.
$28 for 175 yards

This super soft yarn is is a yummy blend of merino, silk, and cashmere. Its tweedy color palette is apparently inspired by the breathtaking coasts of Ireland - so lets just all pretend we are there right now!  In fact, this yarn is produced in a mill that traces its roots to the homespun tweed industry of 19th century County Donegal.  So cool!  This yarn is a bit more pricey but you won't be disappointed - its worth every cent.  Colors featured below:  Ruari, Glenveagh Castle (my favorite), St. Claire.  Swooon worthy!

Lambs Pride Bulky by Brown Sheep
$9.50 for 125 yards

I know, I know,  I included this yarn in my last post about affordable yarns, but I just love it so much I am including it again in this list.  Because Lambs Pride yarn is the bomb.  Its affordable but high quality.  It has a million colors to chose from and it is a US wool milled in Nebraska! Yee haw! So yea, it deserves to be on both lists!  I use this yarn for everything from basic weaving, loop stitch, soumac and even fringe.  You can't afford to NOT get this yarn.   Colors featured below:  White Frost, Deep Charcoal, Pine Shadows, Aran, Oatmeal, Charcoal Heather, Prairie Fire, Sandy Heather (my fav).  So so puuurty!

IMG_1835 (1).jpg

Ok so there you have it.  These are my go to yarns when I want to create a luxurious, awesome, gorgeous, soft, strong, delicious weaving.  And the truth is, they are slightly more expensive than the yarns listed in my last post, but they are certainly not the most expensive yarns ever, so they won't break the bank.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other yarns that you love that I should check out. I'd love to expand my list!

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